Disc Enigmas (English)

Inspired by the “Phaistos Disc”, a clay disc with hieroglyphs of Ancient Greece, the Artist has developed a new combination of media and graphics. Circular and spiral patterns are expressed in different intensities and interesting compositions. Deep line structure transmits movement to the painting, as well as dynamism and three-dimensionality.

Rune writing, Egyptian hieroglyphs, Arabic writing, graphic logograms as well as pictographic signs are etched in. These are used interchangeably with a variety of intersecting surfaces, like molten metal alloys with unusual surfaces, and crushed glass of different reflective colours, thicknesses and shapes, to create interesting textures.

Multiple layers of oil colour are then employed and at times overlaid with gold or silver, becoming transparent and letting the layers underneath shine through, especially if a bright light is directed at the painting, or when viewed from a different angle.

The world of symbols, enigmas and oracles has been depicted by circles of all kinds throughout the ages, be it in the ancient religions, astrology, cosmology, and many other fields.

May the contemplation of these discs give the viewer a sense of relaxation, of perpetual movement, of energy, eternity, of harmony with the world, and last but not least a feeling of happiness.