Woman with Large Hat
Woman with Large Hat (50 x 60 cm)


Loneliness (60 x 50 cm)


A Glass of Absinth
A Glass of Absinth (70 x 60 cm)


Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning (60 x 50 cm)


At the Opera
At the Opera (55 x 45 cm)


Night Shadows
Night Shadows (60 x 50 cm)


Morning Sun
Morning Sun (60 x 50 cm)


Reclining (50 x 60 cm)


At the Ocean
At the Ocean (60 x 50 cm)


Bather (50 x 60 cm)


Night in the Park
Night in the Park (60 x 50 cm)


Putting on Stockings
Putting on Stockings (60 x 50 cm)


Woman with Red Shoes
Woman with Red Shoes (50 x 60 cm)


Woman with Scarf
Woman with Scarf (60 x 50 cm)


Woman with White Tulips
Woman with White Tulips (50 x 40 cm)


Morning in the Park
Morning in the Park (55 x 45 cm)


Stephanie (41 x 51 cm)


Young Woman with Bouquet
Young Woman with Bouquet (55 x 46 cm)


Nude Sitting on the Ground
Nude Sitting on the Ground (80 x 60 cm)


The White Chair
The White Chair (80 x 60 cm)


Abstract Nude on  Couch
Abstract Nude on Couch (35 x 50 cm)


Large Abstract Nude Standing
Large Abstract Nude Standing (120 x 80 cm)